Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Star light, star bright, I wish I may, I wish I might . . .

. . . have me some beer tonight.

We spent the first day of 2018 goofing off, mostly. However, by mid-afternoon, we were ready to get out of the house.

East Fork Lewis River, Lewisville Regional Park
We drove up to Lewisville Regional Park in Battleground WA and hiked the trails along the East Fork Lewis River until we worked up a thirst. From there, we ventured to the two closest breweries not knowing who would be open on New Year's Day: Northwood Public House (home to Little Dipper Brewing Company) and Barrel Mountain Brewery. Luckily for us, they both were both open!

While both have full food menus, we opted for Northwood Public House for our après trail snack. We ordered nachos from the Happy Hour menu and that was plenty for two of us to share: home made chips with black beans, tomatoes, guaclamole, and jalapeños. Hubby selected the Crux Pilz (from Crux Fermintation Project, Bend OR) which paired nicely with the spicy jalapeños. It had a nearly white head, a clear, light golden color and small, light bubbles rising up from the glass. The Pilsner malts tasted like sweet crackers or biscuit with with just a hint of honey. The Sterling and Czech Saaz hops added complexity, keeping the sweetness in check, without overwhelming the malts. Delicious and smooth.
Starlight IPA, BCB/LDBCo Collab

I selected the Starlight IPA which is the collaborative effort of Brothers Cascadia Brewing with Little Dipper Brewing Company.  This beer was gold/orange in color with little to no head although what was there clung nicely to the glass. The carbonation was light on the tongue but otherwise not noticeable in the glass. The aroma was floral, spice, pine, and citrus as if it couldn't make up its mind! Fresh in the glass, I smelled more pine. As it warmed up, citrus became more prevalent. Flavors of resin dominated this hoppy beer which was a good compliment to the nachos for me (since I didn't eat the jalapeños).

Starway Stout, Barrel Mountain Brewery
At Barrel Mountain, Hubby had the Silverstar Session IPA, a recent addition to their beer menu. (It started as #5 ISA on their Brewmaster Series.) Brewed with Mosaic and El Dorado hops it had light, tropical, and citrus flavors. Medium gold color with a nearly white head and only 4.5% ABV, this is easily an all-day sipper. Geremy was there to serve us and said this was the beer in his kegerator at home. Can't beat that for a recommendation! We took a growler full home. (We met Geremy at Trap Door Brewing's Brewers Invitational Cornhole Tournament last summer where Barrel Mountain Brewery took second place. It was good to see him again!)

I had their award-winning Starway Stout which is an opaque, black beer with a nice head the color of dark cream/light milk chocolate. I loved the flavors of burnt toast and smoke. As it warmed, I tasted bittersweet chocolate and raisin/dried prune. It was absolutely delicious.

It was not intentional but three of the four beers we ordered were stars: Starlight, Starway, and Silverstar. If we are to make wishes on stars, here are three on which to make yours for 2018. May all your beer wishes come true!

On tap at Barrel Mountain Brewery

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