Monday, December 13, 2021

To meeting the neighbors

 I had my first Peanut Butter Milk Stout from Belching Beaver Brewery. "First" implies there will be a "next." I want to be clear here: There absolutely will be a "next."

In the past, I've actively avoided this beer. There seemed no justification, in my mind, to drink (much less make) a beer that tasted like peanut butter. For that matter, I didn't (and still don't) see the point of beer that tastes like maple syrup or bacon (or both). Or marshmallows. 

I like coffee beers but, like my coffee, I like it plain. No sweeteners. No milk. So, a Milk Stout will make me pause. I like chocolate but sometimes that connotes sweetness and I am not a sweet girl. I'm a grown-ass, straightforward woman. And, peanut butter is for kids. In a nutshell, as it were, there was nothing about this beer that sparked my interest.

Until, the host of a small gathering offered me one. I could have said no but I was intrigued. Without it being said, I took it as a dare. Try this if you will. 

It was served in a Stella Artois glass chalice. Cold, dark brown, and foamy. I was delighted from my first sip. 

The thing I was most afraid of - the flavor of peanut butter in my beer - was subtle. Rather than the feature flavor, as the beer's name might imply, it supported the roasted flavors of a coffee and dark chocolate stout like a backup singer.

I continued to sip it slowly as if it might be a high-alcohol beer but it's not. The ABV on this award winning beer is only 5.3%. Our host worried that I might be sipping a little too slowly, saying he didn't think I would like the beer as it warmed up. I disagreed although I did notice the peanut butter flavor more but not in an overwhelming way. It was very much like the experience of eating a Reese's dark chocolate peanut butter cup. It's a delicious and comfortable combination of flavor.

As a parting gift, our host presented me with a Black House - Vanilla Latte Edition - from Modern Times Beer and I have to say, that was amazing as well. Not something I would pick but after tasting it, I think this neighbor and I are going to get along quite well.

Friday, April 2, 2021

Scented candles that smell like your favorite dive bar.

Miller Lite created three bar-scented candles: Dive Bar, Game Day Bar, and Beer Garden. 

Dive Bar is described as offering a mix of musk, tobacco, pine, and yeast aromas. "Dive Bar evokes the joy we find in the most unexpected places," its label reads. "As you take a whiff, you can hear the musings of the 'Watering Hole Sage' who has delivered wisdom from the same stool for decades."

Travel+Leisure | This Beer Company Dropped a Line of Candles That Small Like Your Favorite Bars 

They sold out in 24 hours.