Beer Here is what my dad would have called our dog if we ever had one. He also considered Peanuts Popcorn, the idea being that, either way, when he called the dog to come, my dad would sound like a ballpark vendor.

We never got a dog.

Somewhere along the line, and only recently, I discovered craft beer and fell in love. What I love is its approachability - there's something for everyone, for every taste. Beer people are a relaxed, easy-going bunch. Sure, there are beer snobs and beer geeks (I aspire to be one) but there's room for everyone.

What I really want is to enjoy beer, learn as much as I can about it, and share the journey. "Here," generally speaking, is Vancouver WA, the hippest place on earth but I seek out beer wherever I go so "here" is really wherever I am. And wherever I am, I'm enjoying beer.

I've been posting more and more about beer on Chocolate Chip Mint, to the point where I really needed to create a separate blog. Beer Here has become a passion, a pursuit, a destination. I'm just starting my journey and, considering the company, I have a long way to go. But that doesn't mean I should stay home.

Join me.

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