Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Not Too Shabby

On our most recent road trip to Seattle to watch the Blue Angels over Lake Washington for Seafair Weekend, we managed to squeeze in visits to nine breweries:

We tasted a lot of good beer. My favorite new discovery on this trip, though, was Flying Lion Beer. It's in Columbia City, a funky, historic, up-and-coming Seattle neighborhood. Getting out of our Uber, we wondered what we were getting ourselves into but upon entering the small brewery, we were instantly at ease. The cozy taphouse is dog friendly, has (indoor and) outdoor seating, a very nice bathroom (always a plus!), and features a bicycle-powered grain mill!

Though understated on their website, their beers are award winning. The medals hanging on the brewery wall represent Gold, Silver, and Bronze awards at various events for their Rye Stout, Call It A Day Pale, and a third one that I believe was not on tap, a Hefeweizen. (Sorry if I got that wrong!)

Speaking of "at ease," Forward Operating Base (FOB) Brewing was also a good discovery. It's large space in Dupont was friendly and inviting, also had outdoor space, as well as a tattoo artist and a barber! Also, good beer! They frequently host private events so check their Current Operations page before visiting, especially if you're making a long drive.

We're making another road trip this weekend and, no doubt, a beer adventure is on tap. We'll let you know where we've been but I can tell you we don't always know where we're going!


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