Monday, July 30, 2018

Pub Crawling without Driving

Beer Crawling on the Orange MAX Line - The Portland Mercury
" With the opening of Ruse Brewing and Mt. Hood Brewing’s new Portland outpost, the path carved by the Orange MAX line has seen notable new additions to the beer scene in recent weeks. In fact, there’s enough beer-related stuff going on in that corridor of Southeast Portland that there’s a reasonably epic beer crawl to be had—because the best kind of beer crawl is the kind where you don’t have to drive. "
This article contemplates ten stops by light rail. If you stopped at each one, it might be hazardous to pursue this by bicycle but this is what the 7.8 mile route would look like:

If you're coming from the Vancouver side, you might consider taking either the Yellow line from the Expo Center or the Red line from the Portland Airport. The Yellow line will take you by Storm Breaker Brewing, Ecliptic Brewing, Widmer Brothers Brewing, LAbrewatory, Ex Novo Brewing, Reverend Nat's Hard Cider, and Upright Brewing Company before you cross the Willamette and then Pints Brewing and Old Town Pizza & Brewing. From there, you can catch the Orange MAX line. That 3.1 mile route on foot would look like this:

The Red line will take you by Columbia River Brewing, Culmination Brewing, Mt. Tabor Brewing, and Burnside Brewing Co. The 2.3 mile route looks like this by bicycle:

The Portland Streetcar (A and B Loops) will take you by Hair of the Dog Brewing, Modern Times Beer, Wayfinder Beer, Deschutes, Von Ebert Brewing, Back Pedal Brewing, and 10 Barrel Brewing. Either Loop will connect you to the North South Line Streetcar which will take you out to Breakside Brewery. That route (including Breakside) looks like this:

There's virtually no way to do all of Portland's breweries, certainly not in one day! But, you can do quite a few without needing to drive which is good. Decide which ones you want to visit, pick a route, and enjoy.

Then come back to the Vancouver side, rest up and visit the breweries of the NorthBank! (read: NorthBank Brewers Turn Heads at Washington Beer Awards - The New School)

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