Monday, July 9, 2018

America's Beer Crop

The Columbian reported today that the total acreage devoted to growing hops is 53,282 in the United States and that 71% of that acreage is in (the state of) Washington. I didn't fact check those numbers but I did look to see what percentage U.S. hops acreage is to total U.S. agricultural acreage. Answer: 0.02%.

While Washington is very proud of its hops production, 2.55 million acres (or 1.01% of total U.S. agricultural acreage) is devoted to growing barley. Most of that is grown in Montana (560,000 acres), Idaho (500,000 acres), and North Dakota (440,000 acres). (USDA)

The biggest U.S. crop is corn representing 35.12% of all U.S. agricultural acreage at 89.1 million acres. (2012 Cencus of Agriculture) And, you know what corn makes?


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