Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Shoulda aimed higher.

"Studies show . . . " just about anything depending on who's sponsoring the study. Generally, the conclusion is that almost anything in moderation is good for you. Even Twinkies.

No doubt you've read somewhere that a daily alcoholic beverage is good for you. This young man has taken that to heart:
101-year-old WWII veteran credits Coors Light for long life; the company responds with free beer 
" Andrew E. Slavonic whose birthday was last week has been drinking a Coors Light every day at 4 p.m. for the past 15 years, his son, Bob, told Fox News last week."
Upon the news, Coors threw him a party and stocked Mr. Slavonic's fridge with beer. I think he should have aimed higher. He should have attributed his long life to Château Lafite or Moët & Chandon. Not that I dislike Coors but a (wine) fridge full of Rothschild or champagne would have been fine by me.

Happy birthday, Mr. Slavonic. And, cheers!

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