Sunday, February 4, 2018

Super Bowl L2*

There's still time to get to your local brewery to get cans, bottles, crowlers, or a growler of your favorite beer before kickoff. In case you're not near one, or are undecided, here are some ideas:

2017 Washington Beer Awards

2018 Best of Craft Beer Awards

Many of these may be at your local grocery store or Total Wine. Even convenience stores offer a diverse selection of beer (and sometimes growler fills). The point is, you still have time to go out and get some good beer.

Enjoy the game! Enjoy your beer!

* My sister-in-law and I have the same name. Sometimes I'm referred to as L1 and she's referred to as L2. As a nod to her, Super Bowl LII shall be henceforth be known as Super Bowl L2. Cheers, Sister!

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