Monday, November 6, 2023

Cheap Beer!

The Ralph's on Jefferson has Octoberfest beers on sale:

They're all on a table at the back of the store.

I bought the Alschmidt Oktoberfest (six-pack) for $6.20. These beers are already at least a month old and there's no way of knowing how they've been stored during that time so there's a risk that they'll be awful even if the beer was originally excellent. But, at about a buck a beer, I felt it was a risk worth taking. (I didn't make note of the other prices.)

I already have a Hofbräu Oktoberfest in my refrigerator which I am looking forward to trying. In addition, I have Premium Pils from Bitburger which you can get for $6 (4 x 16oz.) at Trader Joe's (in La Quinta, CA) and Kaskadia Kölsch from 54-40 Beer (Washougal, WA).

These are just my Fall beers. . . .

The next time you see us sitting in the driveway, stop by. Bring a Fall beer to trade if you have one (although there's zero chance you'll get a Kölsch out of Hubby). Or, just stop by and we can taste some German-style beers. Bring a lawn chair or your own glassware (or plasticware), if you want. If you want snacks, you'll have to bring those as well. If you want conversation, beer, and a sunset, this is the place.

It isn't October any more. (Or even September.) But, we can pretend it is. 


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  1. I bought some Aleschmidt and it was pretty good. Possibly a bit old but ok to drink.